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Dynasty Mattress King Adjustable Bed Frame Review

Sleep is right everything is right!

 Every man is more aware of his work than his life. But if life becomes stagnant for some reason then all the rest is futile. One of the things that is most useful for keeping this life active is sleep at night and an adjustable beds can help you sleep soundly.


A brief introduction at a glance

  • Adjustable Bed Frame: Sit up comfortably in bed or relax in a reclining position with a 75° independent head tilt. Raise the foot of your bed up to 45° to prop your feet up after a long work day. Raise or lower the high-duty steel frame base height in 1-inch increments up to 10″ tall, or remove the bed legs. The frame grips onto the mattress to keep it from sliding around. Customize this high-end bed frame and mattress set to work for you!
  • Lumbar Support: The memory foam mattress and bed frame set gently cradles your entire body with zero gravity technology. Your lower back will have the full support it needs so you can sleep through the night without pressure or pain. Wake up feeling refreshed for a change!
  • Massage Bed: At the end of a long day, relax and recline at home with in-bed massage therapy. Massage motors with 3 settings are built right into the adjustable bed frame. Press a button and those quiet motors will work their magic on your tired body for 10-, 20-, or 30-minute increments. The mattresses come in multiple thickness levels, providing an added level of bliss. Now you have the ultimate control over your comfort.
  • High-Tech Base: Charge your phone nearby with USB ports in the bed base. Lull yourself to sleep with music from the high-quality Bluetooth speakers. Don’t get out of bed to change any settings—use the app or wireless remote to save your position preferences with memory presets! Plus, the bed frame platform sits flush against the wall so you don’t have any awkward wall gaps.
  • Super-Easy Setup: Just screw in the legs and plug into an electric outlet. No tools required! No time to set it up yourself? We provide in-home delivery at no cost to you as well as a 10-year parts and labor extended warranty. Take advantage of our lifetime frame warranty and rest up at your favorite angle.

Production Description by Sellers

Dynasty Mattress gives the opportunity to customize the perfect fit for you with the adjustable bed base and plush memory foam. You can experience luxury like never before with a versatile bed frame that plays music out of a Bluetooth speaker and subwoofers, adjusts to accommodate any dreamer’s sleeping angle, and massages at 3 different waves.

In addition, you can also charge your cell phone right from bed with the USB ports, set a romantic mood with soft lighting beneath the bed, or use the light to find that stray sock or headphone as well.

Feel weightless using its zero-gravity technology that simulates floating in outer space to take pressure off of well-loved joints and limbs. Raise or lower the base height in 1-inch increments up to 10 inches tall, or take the legs off so your bed sits low on the floor. On top of that, the bed hugs tight against the wall, bringing you closer than ever to your nightstand. The incredible technology allows you and your partner to adjust it to your preference. Set the memory buttons to remember both of your unique positions.

Moreover, four motors power four independent zones of comfort: lumbar support, massage, head lift, and head and foot articulation. You won’t find comfort like this anywhere else.

Dynasty Mattress come in all sizes with massage motors to match, from two massage motors in the extra-large twin, full, and queen to quad massage motors included in the king and California king. You can even set a timer to have the massage running for 10, 20, or 30 minutes. The posh mattresses are offered in 12-inch, 14-inch, 14.5-inch, and 15.5-inch thicknesses so you can choose your level of heavenly comfort. Purchase the luxurious memory foam mattress included in the set, or get just the heavy-duty bed frame alone. Add on the optional headboard brackets to secure the bed into your wall.

Finally, you can download the app to fully adjust and sit up to enjoy a good book, or snuggle up and settle in for a good night’s sleep in the high-quality bed you’ve been dreaming about.

Some questions & answers by Customers

Question: How many legs does the one piece king have? Does it have center support legs?

Answer: Only 6 legs. No center support.

Question: Does this bundle come with the free 2 pillows

Answer: No

Question: I bought this set, but no where on the description does it say xl, i ordered all my bedding, but received xl mattresses, will these fit the frame?

Answer: Yes it will fit!

Question: Does this frame work with any adjustable mattress?

Answer: Yes

Question: Can you flip this mattress?

Answer: Yes you can

See some important review by Customers before purchasing the product

More Features for Less Cost

>> My husband and I love this bed and look forward to getting into it every night! The articulations it has are the pillow, upper body, lumbar, and lower body. It also has the wall hugging feature, massage, under bed lights, speakers, and USB Ports! Beds with all of these features mostly run $1,000 more than this one and I haven’t seen any other beds with speakers. I also figured out that it is possible to change the Memory 1 & 2 buttons on the remote by setting the memory positions in my phone app. So now I have four positions set, and I can access them both with my remote and my phone! Granted, it would’ve been nice if this was stated in the manual, but discovering it was a nice surprise.

I would definitely recommend this bed to anyone who was looking for an adjustable bed.

To make it easy, here are a list of pros and cons, possible improvements (not many, and just my preference), and things I haven’t tried.


  • Very sturdy and stable. This bed is obviously very well made.
  • – Lots of features, some you didn’t even know you wanted!
  • Good motors. They are quiet and move the bed at a nice speed.
  • You can connect it to your phone via Bluetooth and use your phone to control the bed. The speakers also connect via Bluetooth.
  • App gives you all remote features and allows you to finely adjust things like massage speed.
  • The app gives you two more position presets in the app and on the remote. Initially, I thought the app was only giving me two additional position presets in the app because the guide says that you have to replace the Zero Gravity or Flat to set a memory setting on the remote. This is not true, as you can set the two memory settings within the app and they will also work on the remote. This gives you four presets.
  • Comfortable Zero Gravity Preset. The position is almost perfect as is.
  • Set up was easy, once the bed was in the room.
  • Mattress grippies aren’t letting your mattress go anywhere!
  • Speakers are pretty decent. They could be a little better, but other beds don’t have any! I can’t wait to get a TV and watch something in bed!
  • Under bed light has just the right brightness.


  • It is very heavy and you may need to hire/get someone to move it for you or help you move it. My husband and I were not able to move this ourselves. We tried and ended up sore for next day. Each side of the split king weighs over 200 lbs. Despite having to pay someone to move the bed, we still paid less than if we had ordered the additional service to have it set up. Just be mindful of what you think your abilities are so that you can make an informed decision about paying for the extra service or hiring help.
  • Mattress grippies aren’t letting your mattress go anywhere! If you need to move the mattress on the platform, it can be pretty difficult.
  • Remote does not stay lit long when you press a button.
  • Flash light doesn’t stay lit long either.


– If you turn on the massage on one side the other can feel it, even though the bed is split. I don’t expect a fix for this, but just to make you aware in case one person likes it and the other doesn’t.

– The app could be better for these reasons: It says that it was made for an older version of Android, which seems to give it a little trouble. I also had to give it location and storage access to set it up. I have since removed those permissions, but if the bed gets disconnected from my phone, I will have to go through the same process to reconnect it.

– Remote back-lighting is actually quite bright. I would prefer it to be a little dimmer.

– USB is not a fast charge, but to me you shouldn’t expect it to be blazing fast given that you have to pay to get a fast charger if one didn’t come with your phone.

Love the bed, but it is not a wall-hugger!!!

 >> Having had a bed like this before, I knew how important it was to have a wall hugger bed this time. The description says, ” the bed hugs tight against the wall, bringing you closer than ever to your nightstand.” This is not true. The bed is just like my other one when it comes to how far it takes you from your nightstand. Because I’m disabled and most of my pain is in all of my joints, it makes it tough to reach anything on my nightstand. I paid more for this bed because of this feature. To those that ‘rock out’ in bed, the speakers are cool, but I just read and watch TV so these other features don’t supersede the wall hugger aspect. If this is important to you as well, this isn’t the bed for you.

This is the Best Bed Ever

>> The item arrived as described. It’s extremely heavy and requires two people to safely assemble. The vibrating feature is a bit loud, but works great. i’m definitely glad I made the purchase.

Great Product with great value

>> Item is just as I wanted! In addition,  we bought the king adjustable frame. It is very well made and looks great. For all the features you get with this bed (pillow tilt, Bluetooth speakers, wall hugger, etc), you are not going to find a better value out there.

Finally, I want to say thank you for your valuable time. As I said before, here is the exact review from Amazon. In many cases there are personal opinions which are requested to show forgiveness in a beautiful way. Also if you have any questions you can ask us. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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