Top 3 Best Pop Up Canopy Tent Reviews 2020 & Buyer’s Guides


We have considered the 10 best pop up canopy tent reviews of different blogs where discussed the benefits and drawbacks of different aspects, which will assist you later in the purchase of a high quality canopy. Basically the best canopy tent protects you from external disasters as like sun, rain, and bugs. Another important thing is we always spend hours scouring the product reviews on Amazon before write down any things like this, so thank you to read the reviews before purchasing the right choice!

Today we have discussed the 3 most commonly used canopies, which have been used more than ever.

Today we will talk about a canopy that is the best-selling one so far, which everyone knows the name of Coleman Canopy or Coleman Instant Screen House. This tent has been sold on Amazon for more than 2,000 times. So far until it has ranked as the number one. Some of the notable features in this canopy are highlighted below:

The main feature at a glance

Product Coleman Canopy 10x10 Eurmax Premium 10'x10' ABC Canopy 10x20
Rank 01 02 03
Warranty 1 yr 1 yr 1 yr
Weight 40 lbs 70 lbs 48 lbs
Setup Time 3 min 3 min 10 min

Detailed description is given below

Best Coleman Canopy 10×10 Review | Coleman Instant Screen House


Create a roomy bug-free and ventilated shady room anytime, anywhere with the 10×10 feet Instant Screened Shelter from Coleman or enjoy reliable shelter from the sun, wind, and insects with the Coleman Instant Screen house, 10×10 Feet as well. Great for picnics, barbecues, campouts, and more, this screened canopy is made with UV Guard material that offers UPF 50+ protection from the sun’s dangerous rays.

Designed to provide comfort for all, the shelter offers a generous seven-feet center height and 100 square feet of sheltered floor area. In addition, the rugged Poly guard 2x double-thick fabric stands up to the rigors of the outdoors, so you can use the screen house season after season.

Best pop up canopy tent cover comes with pre attached poles that you can simply unfold, extend, and secure to set up the instant screen house in only 60 seconds. Ground stakes and pre attached guy lines are also included for added stability.

Once set up, the screen walls offer bug-free lounging, and 2 large T-doors provide easy entry in the front and at the back. When it’s time to pack up, the screen house easily folds down and fits inside the included carry bag for simple storage and portability. When you’re ready to pack it in, the shelter collapses down as easily as it went up and is simple to store and transport in its included wheeled storage bag.

Key Features:

  • Portable shelter offers protection from sun, wind, and bugs
  • Sets up easily in around 60 seconds
  • Made of durable Polyguard 2X double thick fabric with UV Guard UPF 50+ sun protection
  • 2 large T doors for easy access in front and at back
  • Simple, exclusive Coleman push button release levers
  • Footed poles for easy securing
  • Coleman steel tent pegs offer increased stability
  • No-see-um mesh walls protects from insects
  • Two large zippered doors
  • Heavy duty 150D canopy
  • 50+ UV Guard protection factor

Bottom of Form

  • Comes with carry bag for easy storage and transportation


  • Footprint: 10 x 10 feet / 15 x 13 feet
  • Area: 100 square feet
  • Center height: 84 inches
  • Made in China
  • Price range normally: $114.52 – $176.36


  • Three step setup process is quickly and easy
  • Integrated carry bag
  • 100 square feet of shade
  • Doesn’t rush easy
  • Dependable Coleman quality
  • Roof vents


  • Not for use in heavy weather
  • Not very durable

Some common questions & answers by customer

Does a standard size wooden picnic table fit in it?

 I’m not sure of the dimensions of the picnic table at my campsite, but it did fit, just barely. There was enough room to sit on either bench of the table, but not enough room to walk around the table while inside the canopy. The ends of the benches pressed against the walls of the shelter. Despite the snug fit, it was not a problem and I’m still very pleased with this shelter

Do the sides slope more than the 10×10 version?

This model have both the 10×10 and the 15×13. I believe the sides of the 13×15 does slope more. I love both shelters. The 15×13 will fit over a picnic table at most camping sites. Both shelters are great, it just depends on the room you have for a shelter.

Can this tent be used at the beach? Is there a way to keep it anchored in the sand?

 I do not have this particular canopy but we do have a great system for anchoring the one we do use at the beach. We take four reusable grocery bags or beach bags (empty) and four bungee cords. Once we get to the beach, we fill each bag with sand and bungee a bag per corner. When we leave, we simply dump the sand and do not have to move any weight at all! Has worked with no issues each and every time. You’re welcome

I had a lot of trouble getting the legs to lock. They would not extend fully into the locks with all legs extended. Is there a trick to this?

 I have never had that problem. I give them a good tug and they slide down and the pop out button catches once they are fully extended. You push button on legs in to compress them and fold them up. Pretty easy. It takes a little arm strength and I would think it may be harder for a shorter person to get them fully extended maybe? I’m tall so never have had an issue.

Some valuable feedback by customer

Number # 01

I am very happy with this screened in canopy which has size 15×13 feet. This pop up canopy tent performs exactly as it is intended and as it is described, which is great! It keeps the bugs and light rain out and provides some shade. It goes from the carrying bag to an enclosure in about 2 minutes and back again in the bag easily.

I used it without stakes on a breezy day without any trouble and with stakes and the tie downs in a windy day without any problems. I took some measurements just before I put it away and I will include them.

About 7 ft at the highest point, the shaded area (today) is 7 ft it varies a little with time of day.
The distance across the bottom 12ft I also measured at 32 inches above the ground where a chair or picnic table might be and it is 9.5 ft. All the measurements are on the flats of the hexagon not the points.

I also tried it with the poles collapsed to see how it would work as shade at the beach or for kids in the yard. With the tie downs I think it would work well. I measured that too. 3.5 ft highest point and 10 ft across the bottom.

It is very light weight material and very portable. I definitely recommend this product.

Number # 02

We were really pleased with this screen tent (size 10×10 feet). We just used it this weekend on a 3 day camping trip and it worked great to keep the bugs and bees away while cooking and hanging out. Super easy to put up and take down.

Now we have rated 5 stars about assembly and disassembly and decided to put it up in the backyard before camping and it went up in about 5 minutes…but only because I thought the poles went on the inside. They don’t. Be sure to have the poles on the OUTSIDE when you unfold it from the bag and it goes up in about 2 minutes if you’re doing it by yourself. The legs are easy to extend and you just pull them until the little metal “button” pops into place in the legs. Just push that same button when you’re ready to take it down, slide the pieces together, fold them up at the top, and tie them all together. The whole thing folds up nicely and fits into the bag easily without having to shoehorn it in. We previously had a screen tent that we purchased about 15 years ago that had separate pieces for the legs and they’d constantly fall off when we were trying to assemble the tent. It’d take a good half hour to put it up and it was always a test of our marriage. 🙂 This is a phenomenal improvement over the old styles of screen tents.

Secondly, to note and the reason for 4 stars about on size: since the top is angled in, you lose about 12″ on each side for standing or sitting room. Not a deal breaker, but it’s good to be aware of. We fit 2 camping chairs, a 3’x3′ table, a metal stand and ice chest, a 3’x4′ (approx) folding table, and a collapsable 30-gallon garbage can and still had room for the two of us to move around. My husband is 6′ tall and had more than enough headroom when standing. The pictures aren’t great because I had to bump up the exposure, but they’ll give you an idea of what fits.

Stability on 5 stars under conditions of little to no wind, we didn’t experience any major wind so we didn’t have any issues with this thing moving around. We did use the stakes to tie it down. When we first set it up in the back yard, I didn’t stake it down and we had a pretty good breeze but it didn’t tip over (our new tent, however, did tip over since it wasn’t staked down).

As well as, performance – 5 stars, there were a lot of small bugs when we were camping but they didn’t make it through the mesh. I did end up staking one door flap on each side to keep the moths from walking under (one managed to walk through before I staked the doors). There are zippered doors on each side which were great since the truck was on one side and the picnic table and tent were on the other. This made it super convenient since you could go in and out on either side. The zippers have little rope ties on them so they’re easy to grab. The zippers move very smoothly and never got stuck (and we gave those doors a workout). I do recommend staking one side of each door (each side of the door flaps have little loops for stakes) to make it easier to pull the zippers up. I didn’t do this at first and had to step on the material while I pulled up on the zipper. This got old fast which is why I ended up staking them.

The final thing ties for lighting – 5 stars; there’s a tie on the inside of the roof so you can strap a batter-powered lantern or headlight for lighting. I also strung two sets of Recesco battery-powered globe lights around the outside and attached them with velcro ties for some nice ambiance lighting. 

Overall we’re really happy with this purchase and I’d definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a good screen tent.

Number # 03

Really love it! It arrived very quickly which was 10×10 feet! This tent is so easy to set up even for one person. From the time that I laid it on the ground, I probably had it up in less than 5 minutes with only one person. It’s very large, easy to view the surroundings through the black mesh screen. Using it as an outdoor hang-out place for me and my cat. He loved it – he is old, so he didn’t try too hard to find an escape method. Will be a great summer to enjoy the backyard bug free, and let the cat hang out in the outdoors too!

Best Eurmax Premium 10’x10′ Review | Costco canopy 10×10 


The first thing Eurmax Pergolas Canopy is the most trusted & best selling canopy brand based in the USA and base on Amazon it’s now rank in number 2. Moreover, all kinds of accessories and parts for the products are available in stock.

Feature & Specifications

  • 10×10 Pergolas Canopy Tent Frame: It can make your canopy stand out from the crowd in Backyard. (a) 1.6” hexagon shaped leg, much stronger than those in the market; (b) Hammer tone powder coated finishing, good looking and rust resistance; (c)The latest thumb button release levers: latest technology in industry. It makes set-up and close real comfortable and reliable; (d)Three height positions, clearance height from 6.4ft,6.7ft to 7ft.Peak height from 10.5ft,10.8ft to 11.1ft.
  • 10×10 Pergola Canopy Top Cover: (a) Stitching lines are all seam sealed to prevent water penetrate from seams to make our canopy tent waterproof; (b) CPAI-84 fire retardant certificated 500D polyester PU coated to block 99% UV rays; (c) Front Valance With 4 name banner loops, you can personalize your shelter; (d) Steel D Rings on each corner, easy to use a rope to secure your canopy; (e) Velcro Straps with Truss Muscle on each valance to keep the canopy stick on the frame especially in some windy days.
  • 10×10 Pergola Canopy Tent Roller Bag: (a) 1680D polyester fabric with PVC coating to make it 100% waterproof; (b) The large 4.7” wheels on high-strength corrosion-resistant aluminum pallet, it makes portability easy and smooth even on rough ground; (c) Eurmax unique L shaped roller bag is oversize designed, big enough for storage the top left on the frame. You don’t need to remove the top after each use; (d) We also put some spare parts in the bag pocket for your future use.
  • The Package Includes: 10×10 Pergolas Gazebo Frame + 10×10 Pergolas top cover + 10×10 Canopy tent roller bag + spare parts. It can be set up and taken down easily by 1 or 2 person in minutes without any tools. 1 year warranty and lifetime accessories and parts supply. We also do the custom job.
  • Customer reviews by feature i.e. Easy to assemble, Sturdiness, Durability, Value for money


  • Study full truss construction
  • Fire retardant fabric
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Comes with roller bag UV protection
  • Adjustable height
  • Maybe the best pop up canopy for art fairs and crafts show


  • Heavy enough that you may need help porting it about
  • The legs are not built sturdy and may not be able to withstand extreme winds
  • The curtains are not long enough and do not reach the ground

Some common questions & answers by customer

Will this fit a kd kanopy majestic 10 x 20, with 6 legs? only need the replacement canopy.

I have a 10×20 ez-up and the replacement canopy fits like a glove with great material and quality. I am not familiar with he majestic but my canopy has the three top posts/peaks and six legs. I hope this helps.

How much does it weigh ?

I don’t know the exact weight, but I use my canopy regularly for vending events, and I find it easier to carry the frame by itself without the canopy. I am guessing that it weighs about 50lbs with just the frame.

Can this canopy be set up and left up for extended period of time (like campgrounds for 5+ months)?

Answer: Probably… the structure is pretty sturdy, but I imagine you would have to replace the fabric probably yearly. You can buy them separately on the Eurmax website.

Is it possible to set this up by myself?

Answer: Yes, I’ve set mine up alone numerous times. Get the top locked open first, than raise one middle leg. Raise the other two legs on that side than go to other side and raise the middle leg again than the other two.

Some valuable feedback by customer

Number # 01

I got the 10 x 15 canopy tent in purple. If you are looking at this canopy you know it is not cheap. In my experience though it is worth the expense if you want a canopy that will last. Every aspect of this item is built to a higher level of durability than any of the typical basic canopies I have ever used.

I got this canopy for a mid sized festival I have been involved with for several years. I wanted to get something a bit bigger and more sturdy than the standard 10 x 10 we had been using. I got it in purple as that is a festive color. The unit arrived in the quoted time frame and in good shape.

This is a heavy duty canopy all the way around. You’ll realize that as soon as you pick it up and feel the heft of it’s weight. The frame legs are not the typical square shape but rather 6 sided and very thick and strong. No casual wind or pressure is going to bend or collapse these legs. You can feel the heft and quality of them. The locking mechanism and release levers are robust as well with a very firm and positive lock to it when it clicks in place. The overhead frame is also a significant step above most of the typical canopy frames you will encounter and I wouldn’t hesitate to hang reasonable weighted items from the internal frame. Just use common sense.

Number # 02

When I purchased this I had never set up a tent like this. My brother in law was at the house to help and he showed me how simple it was. Poof it is super easy, does help to have extra hands though.
We have it setup over my cooking area on my deck, and we usually just take it down when we are finished with it.

After the game we celebrated outside till late in the evening so we left everything out to pickup the next day.

Here is the important part that I had to learn the hard way!!! Tie down your tent even if you plan to put up that same day, if not you could have the same problem I did.

Well the next day I was lazy and figured I would wait to take down the tent, I’m disabled so I don’t like doing it by myself so one more day couldn’t hurt right? Unfortunately a storm hit and it had some strong winds with it, when I woke up the next morning my tent was gone.

Number # 03

I was impressed with this canopy when it first arrived. The latches are great, making it easy to set up and take down. It seemed very solid. I was especially impressed with the heavy octagon legs. But! About the fifth time I used it we had a windy market. I was not concerned as the frame seemed very solid and I had it anchored with sand bags. One gust scooted the tent about three feet (on black top). After this I noticed that the rear center leg was bent right below the top latch. By the end of the evening all three back legs were bent. I realize that wind is hard on canopies but of all the other vendors at this market none of them had damage to their canopies even one that was set up with three side walls open side into the wind. None of the other tents had the octagon legs. Would I buy this again? Probably not, as it seems there is a weakness in the legs that should not be there especially as it is advertise as a commercial grade product.

After writing this review I was contacted by customer service. After describing damage, sending pictures, etc. they decided to send me a new canopy frame. I very much appreciate this as it restores the canopy to near new condition. I am still some what concerned that this canopy bent when none of the others at the market did but it did not get worse while waiting for the new frame.
I raised the rating on this purchase as I am still very impressed with the overall ease of use and very satisfied with customer service.

Best ABC Canopy 10×20 Review | Pop up tent shelter  


Now we discuss in rank number 3 based on Amazon. The important thing in this product, all kinds of accessories and parts are available in stock.

Basic Features

  • Canopy coverage: 10×10 / 10×15 / 10×20 of shade. Cover 4 tables in your garden; cover 3 beach chair on the beach; cover 10 people at the same time for your commercial events.
  • Heavy duty fabric: Durable PU, UV blocker, UPF 50+, 100% waterproof. Suitable for both sunny and rainy days.
  • Set up in second: Super easy to set up with only 2 people. Roller bag for easy portability and light transportation. Heavy duty wheels glide smooth. Bonus 4 Canopy Sand Bags, 4 Stakes&Ropes for stable and sturdy use.
  • Multiple use occasions: Perfect tent for outdoor sports, event, festival, flea market, party, beach, play ground. (Better check the length of the canopy fit your trunk of the car or not before purchase.
  • One year after-sale protection: If you have any issue during using our products, please feel free to contact in appropriate authority.

Commercial | level series instant Canopy

  • 100% waterproof, Sliver Coated polyster provide you a UV 50+ protection from sunshine.
  • Stable structure: durable fabric and professional service after sale.
  • Free wheeled bag, easy transportion.
  • Super heavy Duty Roller bag, smooth glide and sturdy wheels for easy portability.
  • Large space: Straight leg design provides 100 square feet of shade Perfect tent for outdoor sports, event, festival flea market, party. beach, play ground.
  • Market leading six months QUALITYE.
  • Package includes:
  • 1 x 10 feet by 10 feet pop up canopy,
  • 1 x Roller Carry bag,
  • 4 x Stake & Ropes,


  • Most Durable frames
  • Has a dedicated carry bag
  • One year of factory warranty
  • Multiple colors facility


  • Limitation of replacement spare-parts
  • UV protection is unavailable

Key Feature & Specifications

 Strength: Commercial

Height: 124″-133″

Clearance: 78″-86″

Frame Weight: 40Ibs

Dimensions: 10’x10’x112″

Box Size: 8″x10″x49″

Frame: Steel

Push Button System: Yes

Roof Tension: Spring

Connectors: Nylon

Fabric: Silver Solarleck fabric (UPF 50+)

Some common questions & answers by customer

I do mobile detailing. And I was wondering if this would be easy and fast to setup and take down at each site?

 Henry, this is a great canopy and far better than I expected for the price. It is super simple to set up and pretty fast too. I usually do mine by myself.

Does this canopy come with a cover / travel bag and a set of spikes to secure it into the grass?

As of this date….I received…..the tent frame, the tent canopy (top,) the rolling bag, (4) stakes, and (4) white ropes to secure the corners.
Highly recommend purchasing the weight bags, which are sold separately.

What is the length size of this canopy once folded down, would it fit into the trunk of a chev Cruz.

 Not sure the size of your trunk, but the canopy in the bag/case is 64″ long. It’s big.

 Does the canopy have uv protection?

 For anyone that want UV protection, you can simply spray UV protect for fabric. It’ll prolong the fabric’s color as well as durability. I highly recommend it. Same idea when people use window tint film for residential & commercial property to not only block glare and heat (ceramic tint) but also reduces color fading on furniture and retail products.

Some valuable feedback by customer

Number # 01

This canopy (size 10×10 feet, color: forest green) is a game-changer! I have put up a lot of canopies over the years. We loved our last canopy, and it was great quality; the frame lasted for years, even though a replacement cover. This one is all that and more. Frame is great quality construction & weight. The cover is also great quality, with the nice features you want, such as the Velcro corners, and inner linings to all support features (i.e., all inner ties, the Velcro, etc., are attached to a separate reinforced fabric piece to prevent the ties from ripping the actual cover.). There is even a fabric piece at the peak which ties (with good give for movement in wind) to the frame to help center the canopy and hold it in place. And the absolute best part of the frame is the center support post and base bracket. Once you have the canopy properly placed and preliminarily attached, you can push up on the base of the center support and the canopy goes almost up to where you need it to lock the top corners. They actually did think of everything.

I was able to put up this whole assembly by myself and a great price along with the quality. This is honestly the only canopy I will ever purchase now. Completely Recommend!

Number # 02

First, I’ll start by saying this canopy is excellent. I don’t believe there is a better canopy on the market for the price, size (10×10 feet) and color white. If you need something very lightweight and not very heavy duty, then look elsewhere. If you want something that will actually last, built on a true steel frame, get this canopy.

I’ve done festivals, trade-shows, and outdoor markets of all kinds for the better part a year under this canopy, with an average use rate of three days per week.

I often feel bad for many other canopy users, because their canopies limit them so severely. Your canopy is the bedrock of your setup, it supports your banners, your windwalls, your lights, and anything else you might need, and it does it all while resisting the elements. If you build your foundation on lightweight aluminum, then you haven’t accounted for all the other factors in addition to Murphy’s Law. I would advise everyone to get this canopy unless they are under a festival ordnance that requires another tent for uniformity purposes (very rare, but I’ve seen this happen, IMO this SHOULD be the tent required in those circumstances). This frame will withstand high winds with large banners and signed attached to it, each leg supports two proper stakes, and the wide base feet are ideal for use with weight bags.

I have absolutely no trouble at all setting this up alone, and taking it down alone. I’ve done it probably close to 150 times. The trick is to place one corner where you want it, grab the opposite corner, lift, and stretch it into place. Once it is mostly expanded, press upward on the slider until it clicks into place, then click into place all the other corners. After that you simple lift each leg one at a time. I truly do not understand the people saying this is a difficult setup “even for two people.” It’s exceptionally easy for one person. Perhaps using more than one person unnecessarily complicates setup? In any case, when you take it down you do the same thing in reverse. First lower all four legs. Then unfasten the corner buttons. Grab one leg on any side, lift, and walk it toward the opposite leg. The entire tent will simply fold up. After that, bag the tent by swinging the bag behind your back, and applying it by sliding it over the top of your head onto the tent. This effectively guides the bag over the tent so that it can slide down onto the bag unhindered. The whole operation of take down or set up takes me easily less than three minutes moving at a normal pace.

In addition, they do honor their manufacturer’s warranty. I work mostly in Florida near the gulf, and we get very high wind gusts from time to time that can’t be predicted. After six months of the harshest environment and repeated set ups and tear downs, the frame finally buckled slightly and could not fold up fully. This was a problem because it would not fit into the bag nor into our storage area for travel. They honored the one year warranty, refunded the cost, and sent a replacement. I almost felt bad because I can tell that every effort has been made for this design to be durable and affordable, and I don’t like to take advantage of warranties in those circumstances if I can avoid it. However they gave absolutely no fuss.

Now, with that said, understand that there are two, seemingly identical carrying bags for this canopy. My original canopy came with an incredibly heavy duty bag that looked exactly like that displayed in the images in the listings. When I received my second canopy, the bag was a complete joke. It looked identical to the original in every way, but was probably 1/5 the thickness and very poorly manufactured. It fell apart within two weeks. I’m not exaggerating. The first bag lasted six months and was still in near perfect condition, the second lasted only two weeks. The moment I received the new bag I immediately knew it was inferior quality, but I didn’t realize just how bad it was until I had a chance to put it to use.

So if you see reviews of some people enamored with the bag quality, and others complaining about how poor the exact same bag is, understand that it’s because there are two versions of the bag. Which one you receive appears to be 100% luck of the draw. I’ve been looking for a way to purchase the quality version but the Amazon listing for the bag only appears to suffer the same problem – the seller called “#1 Instant Shelter” randomly distributes one version or the other, and most customers have no idea this is taking place. Shame on them for not being more transparent in this regard.

Number # 03

I chose this tent because I liked that there was a good selection of canopy colors (sky blue), and the reviews indicated that an army of engineers wasn’t required to set it up. I have a small business and do events. I needed a tent so I could start doing outdoor events.

This came with no directions. I’ve never used one of these types of tents before. I still got it unboxed and set up in about 20 minutes by myself. It was a dry run at home a few days before my event. It was very intuitive to set up, and the slide thumb locks are super easy to use. This was a concern as I have fibromyalgia, and my grip strength is usually crap.

My favorite thing about this: I can leave the canopy on the frame, collapse it, and it easily fits perfectly in the bag. Collapsing it to pack it into the bag took about 4 minutes.

I had no issues setting it up again myself at the event. That was an important feature as I’m not always going to have another person available to help me. Taking it out of the bag and doing it again took less than 10 mins. If you have another person it will take just a couple mins.

It provided great sun protection, and the temp under my tent was noticeably lower than out on the street. This event had lots of dogs, and they pulled on their leashes to stay under my tent (outside temp was sunny and 85-90). Many people commented on the great shade and how cool it felt. I only raised the tent to the first click, and no one had to duck to get under it. It does have an adjustable height if you need it.

The company puts two big rubber patches on the tent, that are sewn on. I took them off with a seam ripper very quickly. The second pic from the company website gives a better idea of the size, they’re pretty big (and the red/yellow/black logo clashed with my turquoise tent).

The tent comes in a great heavy-duty storage bag. It is definitely heavy. I’m glad the bag has wheels on it, as I hadn’t anticipated what dragging 55lbs around would feel like.

Finally, I want to say thank you for your valuable time. As I said before, here is the exact review from Amazon. In many cases there are personal opinions which are requested to show forgiveness in a beautiful way. Also if you have any questions you can ask us. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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